Wednesday, May 1, 2013


     Recently a not so famous professional basketball player came out on national media and announced that he is gay. Sure everyone reading this article who is at least partly  interested ins sports has heard the news at least a dozen times already. I remember Jason Collins along with his twin brother Jarron since both played college basketball for Stanford back in the late 90s to early 2000s. Both brothers are okay ball players but not close to what one would call basketball stars. The average sports fan would not know who they are if not for this media hype about one of them announcing he is gay. Some folks are reluctant to believe everything coming out of the mouths of camera trained tongues speaking for the likes of  ABC, ESPN, and pals. These stations and their liberal buddies are desperately ready to cheer anything that sounds pro-gay. Any bit of news smelling of pro-gay and positive will be announced and celebrated like one hypes the new year. If people heard the real stories behind many gay relationships, if the media would report them (see David Tutera), they would learn that many of them do not have happy endings and the upper 90 percent of those relationships ending in calamity is not the fault of the so famous "bigots" but troubles within the relationships and individuals. Many of these pairings include behavioral patters which are often extremely catastrophic and at the same time strange. Truth is there is a whole lot more to the now famous homosexual relationships than much of mainstream news and media reports to their viewers, but that is another posting. Such details run deep and can be hard to take for the gullible pop culture fan who may be clueless regarding what really goes on behind the lens.
     A much more intellectual approach is to give Jason two years, or maybe even less and see whether or not he is truly proud of his announcing he's "coming out'. Rosie O'Donnell and Karen Carpenter married each other on February 26, 2004, got separated in 2007. Anne Heche and Ellen Degeneres famously announced their marriage to the world til later break up after 3 and a half years. What the media never mentions is that Anne Heche left the homosexual lifestyle altogether and began having romantic relationships with men. Gay couples began seeking divorce by the seventh month after gay marriage was legalized in Massachusetts back in May 17 of 2004. The first gay divorce, occurring in Suffolk county, located in Massachusetts, occurred 5 days after the marriage was legalized. One of Canada's first gay couples to be married actually divorced in 5 days. These two lived with each other 5 years before hitching up.
       Many individuals, including ESPN writer Chris Broussard, who publicly stood up for his Christian beliefs when stating Jason Collins cannot be gay and be a Christian, have been openly criticized and requested by many to be fired for simply stating their views. Chris Broussard has the constitutional right to state that he disagrees with homosexuality. It is not against the Constitution for one to openly state his or her disapproval for same sex relationships. Chris responded more like a hero because he behaved in a way that many of the people open to the public, such as celebrities, sports figures, and journalists do not have the courage to do. He did not side with the mainstream media. Christ Broussard spoke his mind referencing the fact that he is a Christian and cannot go along with what the Bible says is wrong. Kudos for Chris. As for Jason Collins, don't know his entire story but am sure that there is much more to his announcement than has been mentioned by media. And who knows, 2 years or less from now he may end up tired after years of experiencing for himself that the gay hype is not all the media and friends promised, or like many other folks who have "come out", he may end up being involved, or even married to a loving member of the opposite sex.

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