Saturday, May 11, 2013

Talking Points

       We all, or some of us, know at least the basic details on the Benghazi scandal. The attack on the US consulate, in Libya, killed US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American officials. Mainly Republican congressmen complained that Ambassador Stevens was not adequately protected while working within a volatile Muslim country. Inside the North African country Libya reside many individuals and terror groups who are hostile towards Americans. Some of these groups wield much power and influence within the Middle Eastern region of the world. The Obama Administration has been blamed for pressing lightly around the terrible murders of Americans in Benghazi in order to avoid any bad press. President Obama and his comrades have been accused of sacrificing the lives of highly respectful American individuals in order to protect the reputations of many important Democrat political figures as well as to ensure his renewal as President of the United States during the most recent presidential election. Of course, as we all know, Obama won the presidential election, but his victory may have been more difficult if he and his fellow Democrat party members were held accountable for the blunder that occurred in Benghazi.
     The media, of course, a la ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and pals, them being powerful Liberal news stations  assisted Obama in avoiding any potential harm coming from the Benghazi debacle by simply mentioning the murders as little as possible during the elections or by making light of the matter when being forced, through lack of choice, to report the truth to the public. As we all know, when the Benghazi attacks were first mentioned in the media, the public was told that the killings occurred as a result of a protest melee taking place sporadically as a result of an anti-Muslim video. When one sees the actual video the individual will likely laugh at the ridiculousness of the film while wondering out loudly why anyone will be foolish enough to build any emotion of fury over a film that might as well been produced by a joking teenager, or a drunkard, or both. After America learned about the big goof, no one in the media stepped up to admit the error. News of the attack quickly subsided, the media instead focused on the election, crediting Obama with wonderfully taking care of the effects of Hurricane Sandy and when the attack in Benghazi was mentioned, still attaching the buffoonish video with Chris Stevens' murder. It was as if the four Americans were not important anymore. The priority was to make sure that Obama got elected. Now that the election is long over and the Democratic power over the United States executive office has been secured, the media is ready to talk about the Benghazi debacle and even, Wow, attempt to criticize Obama for his handling of the crisis.
       Susan Rice was the appointed sacrificial lamb for the Obama Administration as a result of the Benghazi goof up. But now that Republican leaders like South Carolina Rep Trey Gowdy, US Senator Ron Johnson, US Senator Lindsey Graham (SC), and US Senator John Mccain (Az) are persistently bringing the attacks back to the political discussion tables, more heads will likely roll.  Hilary Clinton is the next former member of the Obama Administration to face an onslaught of questions from skeptical members of Congress and is currently fighting for her political reputation and any chance of winning her likely run for the 2016 presidential elections. ABC News is finally admitting Obama's Administration's mess up in labeling the four Americans' murder in Libya as a spontaneous crowd reaction about some silly film instead of as a terrorist attack. ABC likely already knew the real facts, the true story behind Benghazi but, like their buddies CBS, NBC, CNN, etc were reluctant to report the facts because they wanted a Democrat to win the presidential election. The media should be held accountable maybe even more so than Clinton or Obama for the murder of Christopher Stevens and the three other Americans. The media should be held accountable for misleading the American public.

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