Monday, May 13, 2013

It's Our Choice

       In areas within northeast Nigeria and nearby lands belonging to the countries: Chad, Niger, and Cameroon lies a threat, a nemesis desiring to create great havoc amongst many various ethnic people. Boko Haram is at it again, again, and again. This violent Islamic group is smuggling big weapons, staging cross-border raids, are killing and kidnapping innocent civilians all in efforts to draw Nigeria and her neighbors into a cross border fight. All this violence, fighting, and mischief, all created in the name of Islam. Sadly, many people, even West Africans, Nigerians are hearing of these events then changing the stations on their televisions or conversing about the politics happening in their workplace. Hardly anybody seems to be concerned about what is going on with the increased violence in Nigeria. Maybe people are not concerned with the affairs of the northeast Nigeria region. Maybe countries like Chad, Niger, and Cameroon are not considered important. But all it takes is a spark to cause a raging fire. Cities like Onitsha, Enugu, and Nnewi may not be that far away. They may not be as far away as many of us may assume. All it takes is for a few madmen to come up with a crazy idea and put their evil thoughts and plans to work (a la Boston  Marathon Massacre, 911). Even if not the Igbos, even if not the Christians living within Anambra State, everybody living in northeast Nigeria is not Muslim. All Muslims are not on a mission to maim every person who chooses not to bow down to Allah.
       People, individuals, tribes, cities, and nations who have no desire to bow down to Allah or heed to shariah laws should not be harassed. They should be left alone, for everybody is not a Muslim and God never mentioned anything about giving His authority to Muslim people. Nigeria should heed the lessons from the Biafran War in the late sixties and the bombings and killings occurring continuously in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, and other world territories heavily influenced by violent Islamic groups. Niger, Mali, Cameroon, Lebanon, Israel, Iran, etc., they are all feeling the heat. Even America and western Europe, all are a madman or two away from a deadly disaster. But Nigeria is beginning to be heard regularly in the news regarding bombings and threats. Nigeria is a great country with lots of potential. Nigerians are intelligent and capable of much accomplishments. The people of Nigeria do not need to be restricted by a cruel religion that denies people the freedom of choice.
     As such, it is extremely important that Nigerians, all Nigerians, Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas, fight against this evil that is reeking within the country. Nigerians who happen to be living elsewhere in the world need to pay attention to the events taking place in their country. No our country is not perfect. Yes it has been mired within its history with much greed, cruelty, and even plain stupidity but it is our country nonetheless. Less we end up with a war zone to go home to and our history thrown from out our grasp we as Nigerians must take ownership of our lands and say no to Boko Haram, no to dictatorship, no to Muslim supermacy, and yes to freedom.
     This note is not a message of panic but a warning. A request to not remain too much in love within our current state in America, Britain, France, Italy, Nnewi or wherever we currently reside. Let us not forget our country, Nigeria. Don't forget Anambra state. Don't forget Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan. These are cities with people from all kinds of ethnic backgrounds, languages, and religions. I am a Christian but I will never force anyone to worship God. That is a choice he or she will have to deal with. Nobody should be forced to bow down to Allah. No religious group should have the right to hold non believers under bondage.

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  1. great!!!! But when will Nigeria ever come as one? some people say the war might cause that to happen but why through war? some say only in football. we must be's the only way...Great post though....great post!!! i love it!!!